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Mascara Commercials Falsely Advertising?

Why do the show models on mascara commercials wearing false eyelashes? Shouldn't it be false advertising since they're insinuating that if we use their mascara our eyelashes will look like that? Gah that's been bugging me! lol

Mascara Commercials Falsely Advertising?
I fully agree agree on that one!! I continuously see this foundation (and makeup)-packed, puckered-up model with the 2-hour worked-on perfect hair swivel around in the light that makes her look her best and then... false eyelashes galore!! Big, curly black things... I mean, do they really believe that WE'RE going believe that? Maybe some naive 12 year old kid, but geez... I feel truly offended! And profoundly annoyed.....
Reply:Remember it's just advertising.

What about all the fashion models advertising clothes, I don't look anything like them wearing similar clothes!
Reply:i some how agree but the do seem false but i dont think they are.

I know some people even me who could get those same results, just it takes time
Reply:Actually, most of the time they don't even use false lashes, but they spend hours tediously coating every single eyelash and separating them and making them look as long as possible so that they appear fake, but in reality they are not, but still no woman on earth would ever spend that long on their lashes so the only way they could look like that would be with falsies.

I'm sure they use models that have ridiculously long lashes to begin with, as well!
Reply:Perhaps they're not wearing false eyelashes. Did you tug on them and find them to be false?

Reply:argeein with ya x
Reply:yeah..u r right!!
Reply:mine always look like the tv ads when i put it on!! it all depends on your eyelashes to start with!! mine are long and thick so I dont have any problems!! but if you have small short lashes - there is no way they will look full and long!!
Reply:Don't they still make Mascara out of Guano?

Who wants that in their eyes anyways.

I don't know if what they re doing in their ads constitutes false advertising.
Reply:Yes, advertisment helps them promote sales. All they really want is profit from customers who are willing to believe that yes you can make your eyelashes 300% longer and thicker with their mascara. LOL
Reply:No. Since we all know they are wearing falsies, and we see what the mascara does to falsies, what they are selling is what the mascara does to falsies. Now, if you couldn't get the same results with falsies and the mascara that would be false advertising.
Reply:Yeah,I noticed that too and it is false advertisment.
Reply:They want money the way doesn't matter

Any ideas for advertising an on-line greeting business card company in the UK?

Im looking for free/ cheap ways of advertising my business, We sell handmade, contemporary and traditional greeting cards, if anyone has any ideas

Any ideas for advertising an on-line greeting business card company in the UK?
10 low cost ways to promote your website

1) add your site to as many search engine listings as you can find, ie

2) make sure you add meta tags to your website (key words which you list then when people search for those keywords your site will come up in the results) - all part of SEO (search engine optimisation)

3) put your website address on all your business stationary - letterheads, invoices, compliments slips, delivery slips, envelopes, parcel packaging, business cards etc etc

4) promote your website by adding it to your email signature on both business and personal emails

5) join as many social networking sites as you can ie hi5, bebo, tagged, facebook, myspace, yahoo 360 etc and add your web address in your profile or notice boards etc

6) add yourself to online directories who give free listings ie

7) get some stickers made for your car, and window stickers made for car windows of friends, family, customers etc

8) PR is always a good move, ask your local paper(s) to run a feature, get your business start-up story on business sites like

9) use to get some free/low cost marketing materials and leave them everywhere you go - cafes, train stations, libraries, school, community centres, college

10) word of mouth is a great way to promote something - and it's free! tell everyone you know and get them to tell people they know
Reply:I don't know how much Facebook charges.

Homework help on Advertising campaign/slogan/bumper sticker?!?

I need homework help. I am supposed to come up with an advertising campaign for the basis of Roman society. So that is basically violence and Christianity. I also need to come up with a slogan and a bumper sticker for this campaign. I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!!

Homework help on Advertising campaign/slogan/bumper sticker?!?
I would argue that the basis of roman society was the system that brought clean water to the city, that kept it from becoming a cesspool of death and disease. Pieces of the original system of aquaducts around Rome are still function.

Health, hygiene, happiness, Only in Rome. It's Clean Water, from Public Works Rome.

Reply:I will make one for you.

i will make a slogan and a bumper sticker for you. check it on tomorrow

look in my portfolio.. I promise you that..

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Can you go from graphic design/advertising to the business side of it?

I am a junior/senior majoring in graphic design/ advertising. I have found that I am not much interested in the handson computer designing aspect. I am interested in the big picture, coming up with the concept not actually making it. If I minor in marketing do you think I could get a job in advertising/marketing on the business side rather than the art side? Thanks to people with experience or knowledge

Can you go from graphic design/advertising to the business side of it?
Worked in marketing/finance/HR since 2002.

The only thing you truly need is a degree. Any degree.

A basic knowledge of accounting/marketing is helpful if you want to get on the business end. So take accounting 101, intro to macro, and intro to micro at least would help.

Finance/econ/management majors + MBAs do get their foot in the door easier on the business end, but they aren't the only ones.

As long as you have a degree you can get into any job really. You could graduate as an Asian Studies major and have gotten an entry level job with me as long as you had some specific knowledge of the business or how a business runs in general or have specific computer skills or just the fact that we were hiring and you interviewed well.

I'd suggest checking your school's resources for an internship for at least in-between semesters or summer to see what you might need to do in the specific field you want to be in. If that's not possible, just get your degree and pound the pavement from there. And if you aren't qualified to get the job you want, go back to school and get qualified.

But for the most part, I've found any degree can get your foot in the door, at least entry level. What you do after that is your problem.
Reply:Well, why not ask someone already in advertising/marketing on the business side !
Reply:uhh, i dunno but just for quiriosity, what software do u use for graphiuc design. Adobe illustrator?
Reply:You can, although you may find you really need an MBA. I would recommend against majoring or minoring in marketing or advertising (your graphic design program is good just concentrate on the art part); you'll learn all they would teach in the first six months on the job. You do need some marketing, economics and math in preparation for B-school. Be sure to be making presentations in your classes, or take a speech class. A marketing career without an MBA is not promising. However, an MBA combined with a art background would be very interesting to ad agencies.
Reply:Definitely minor in Advertising or Communications. It will certainly help you! Also, if your school requires internships (or even if not) try to focus on either of those. It would be very beneficial for you to understand the design part of the process so you'll be very attractive to employers...good luck!

FYI to one of your posters...I took plenty of marketing/advertising classes in order to get a BFA in Graphic Design. We know about the "big picture."
Reply:Yes, absolutely. I went from selling advertising, to writing copy and coming up with ideas for promos to now starting my own marketing firm.
Reply:YES! Unfortunately, creative designer types are usually horrible at looking at the "big picture". If you have skills in both, you can be very successful, just make sure to take enough classes to support the business aspect of marketing also. Marketing, communications, econ etc.

A model for advertising response is given by:where P (a) is the profit expressed as a function of the amount

P(a)=200-2a+10 ln a

optimal amount of advertising, a =

maximum profit, P =

A model for advertising response is given by:where P (a) is the profit expressed as a function of the amount
P(a) = 200 -2a + 10ln(a)

maximum profit is when dP/da = 0

dP/da = -2 + 10/a

so -2 + 10/a = 0

10/a = 2

2a = 10

a = 5

calculate P when a = 5

P(5) = 200 - 2(5) + 10ln(5)

=%26gt;200-10 + 10(1.609)

P(a) = 206.09

so optimal amount of advertising a = 5 and

Maximum profit, P = 206

Starting salary in advertising?

How much can I start off making in either marketing or advertising or even public relations?

My Bachelors is in Business Marketing.

Starting salary in advertising?
The salary/remuneration for a particular job is the market value for a particular profession and designation at the city/town where the office is located. Job postings at websites like Monster, Yahoo HotJobs and Careerbuilder carry information about salaries. The Govt Dept of Labor, ( Bureau of statistics has information about median salaries for different professions and details of additional compensation offered. Other online resources are and payscale. Your salary will also depend on your educational qualification and how you handle your career. More details and links to relevant websites available at

How does internet advertising work? pay for clicks?

what is the difference between google and yahoo advertising products? is there another option?

How does internet advertising work? pay for clicks?
We used to spend a lot at Overture (which is now Yahoo) but we get much more bang for the buck at Google. Sign up at Google and pay per click, depending on the keywords you should pay off. Overture/Yahoo is much more expensive because their minimum bid is 10 cents. At Google, that keyword you want may only be 5 cents. There are lots of other pay-per-click advertising sites available, but you only need to stick to Yahoo and/or Google. Those are the two that will really convert.
Reply:check out

They're not a Pay per Click advertiser but they do help small businesses by providing ways to advertise and build community involvement through referrals and endorsements.

I hope this helps.
Reply:Pay only if your ad gets click.then you will be ask your maximum bid per click is and then will charge you only the minimum that is necessary.
Reply:I don't think its by clicks! Advertising is just as it is. A company is posted on the yahoo/google what have you pages. Someone will see their advertisement and respond to it however they want. It's like an ad on a billboard on a highway its just there. Exposure you see it and that's all that counts. Some companies pay more so when you search for something their homepage shows up first!

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